SiteGround vs. GoDaddy

When it comes to a reliable and feature rich website hosting company, both SiteGround and GoDaddy have a lot to offer. The number of plans both companies offer might be few, yet the purpose is duly served to meet the requirements of the website owners.

SiteGround vs. GoDaddy

Starting from least experienced to the highly experienced professionals, anyone would be able to find relevant plans to host their website on both SiteGround and GoDaddy servers.


What makes SiteGround and GoDaddy different from each other? Because if every feature is available on both of these, why would someone opt for either one of these services? Well, of course the web hosting services aren’t exactly mirrored copies, there are competitive features that distinguishes between SiteGround and GoDaddy. There are some remarkable features to be noted. Both hosting servers offer easier manageability through the dedicated cPanel; there are unbarred amount of storage space – the feature list keeps going on forever.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

A web hosting company might offer a handful of services, but to be popular with the entry level consumers in the market what really matters is the availability of shared hosting plans and how easily the newcomers can avail them. In this case, both SiteGround and GoDaddy are friendly enough.

SiteGround: SiteGround has three different shared hosting plans, designed to cater the needs of different group of website owners. StartUp is the kick-off plan which is suitable for hosting only one website. Only 10 GB of HDD space is offered and the bandwidth is allocated for around 10,000 monthly visits. The two other plans are GrowBig and GoGeek, they offer 20 GB and 30 GB of HDD space respectively. You can get 60% discount if you are a new user of SiteGround. I checked that there is discount coupon posted by SelectedHosting Blog – a web hosting review site. GoGeek is suitable for 100,000 monthly visits while GrowBig can only handle as much as 25,000. Both these plans come with multiple domain registration ability, and higher priced premiere features could be availed as add-ons. GrowBig is priced at $7.95/month and GoGeek costs $14.95/month.

GoDaddy: GoDaddy has three plans as well, but their initial kick-start plan is really cheap. It’s called Economy, and on a discount right now the price is only $1.00/month! Under the Economoy plan a website owner would get 1 domain name, 100 GB of storage space and theoretically unlimited bandwidth space. The other two plans are Deluxe and Ultimate, for $5.99/month and $9.99/month respectively. Both offer unlimited domain and bandwidth, however the latter comes with a dedicated SSL server with 1 year validity.

Server Uptime Guarantee

Both companies offer 99.9% guarantee in theories. However, as GoDaddy has more subscribers than SiteGround, naturally the down time of GoDaddy was very slightly higher than SiteGround. If higher uptime is essential, SiteGround should be your pick in this case. Both website hosting services are based on cPanel, thus one can manage every aspect of the website at utmost ease.

Customer Service

Speaking of customer service, both companies offer great deals. 24/7 hotline support is available, and SiteGround offers no waiting time service where a customer don’t have to wait in the phone for minutes to reach a human representative. GoDaddy has the same approach as well, however the waiting time is slightly higher for attending a phone call. On overall assessment, both these companies deserve an appreciation for their devoted customer service.


If the pricing of either of these website hosting seems high, one could avail discount coupons from affiliate websites and make the discount even bigger.

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