The Truth behind Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth Hosting

If you’re searching for cheaper yet feature-enriched web hosting solutions, then you’ve probably land upon the term called “unlimited” in the basis of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited MySQL database. Well, many companies including HostGator, Bluehost and WP Engine Hosting do offer that but what actually are you getting if you consider their services? This offer is really popular among the shared web hosting providers. However, today, we’ll discuss the real secret behind this unlimited formula and exploit the things that often the web hosting providers actually hide from the users.

unlimited hosting

In this way, you will get an in-depth look of the details of unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

What Users Really Mean by Unlimited

When any beginner sees the feature of unlimited disk space, he’d probably think he can store all of his files and folders onto the web hosting service. But, actually is it really possible to store unlimited data? No web hosting can provide unlimited bandwidth since the CPU resources like hard drives, RAM and processor all are limited. Even the super computers have their limits. So, that means the web hosting companies can’t offer you unlimited hosting services.

Plus, the web hosting companies need to make profits. How you think they will sell you off all their unlimited resources with $29 a month with 10GB storage. If you use coupons for wpengine hosting then you will save huge money while buying it. Well, the users need to change their views on the word “unlimited”. But, before you take charge against those companies that offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, let’s discuss about the web hosting companies’ overview.

The Actual Meaning of Unlimited through the Providers’ Eyes

Many popular web hosting companies like HostGator offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth to their shared hosting users, and, they are doing a pretty cool job at it because they don’t have any complaints from the customers. But, many non-reputed web hosting providers don’t offer the kind of services that the users look for which is why the users lose their trust on them.

Generally, the large web hosting companies own a big chunk of computers servers, manpower and bandwidth pipes etc. All of these services cannot be exceeded by a single user aka one website. So, they can offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space and it can be used by one user. However, the things that you can store on the so called unlimited space are decided by the web host. The rules are set by the web host so that you cannot exceed their limits.

Many companies who doesn’t offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, offer their unused space to more customers and this process is known as over selling.

Should you Consider it?

Well, it’s hard to answer since you’ve to decide whether or not you want it or not. But, remember to rule out the web hosting providers who doesn’t have a good reputation. If you’re uncertain, you can purchase any one of the web hosting services on trial-basis and later on you can test whether or not it’s up to your requirement. Read web hosting reviews on WebHostingFind Blog and then decide yourself.

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