2 Best Web Hosting Services that You Should Look

Prior starting anything over the web you have to think of the hosting. This is the first step on your quest. Starting from traffic, SEO, to technical issues, a good host has a huge role to play. At the contemporary situation, basically two options appear in picture in terms of hosting, and everyone knows they are Bluehost and Hostgator. To pick any one of the two, let’s take a dig at the highlighting parts of both and then decide.

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Hostgator has been one of the much preferred hosting options. It’s a fact that the plans of the host have been different for different plans. Still, in each package you can have all the fundamental and useful features. Hostgator it is quite certain to have 99.9% up time. It means you can make sure not even a single traffic gets missed for you. You can tag the term infinite definitely with mails, and bandwidth. Customer satisfaction has been the key for any business, and Hostgator provides 24 x 7 x 365 ensured service for its users. No matter you go with the phone calls, mails, chats, or knowledge base, satisfaction is obvious. In addition, it doesn’t demand you any charge for host transferring works. In fact, you can get $100 Adwords credit through the host.

Hostgator involves the best cPanel, which is the most favourite over the globe. The best part above all is that it you can have your money returned within just 45 days, and there is no secret clause. You will get 75% off on HostGgator black Friday sale so be tuned.


Bluehost is certainly another front liner in terms of hosting works. Apart from the conventional promises Bluehost does some unique as well. The host lets security for the snaps that you put over the web. Building site is damn easy here; you just need to follow the free Drag and Drop methods. With Bluehost you can get the best assist for global domain names. However, it costs $99.99 for site immigration.

Bluehost is having the top reputation regarding up-time. Some say 99.99%, but it won’t be unfair to claim 100 percent being a big fan of it. It has been one of the top choices for the beginners as well. They have the sleekest control panel. In fact the cPanel has been revamped this time and made one of the blogging friendly options.

You can deal with the whole job like domain management, setting works, customization, and file management, straight through a simple dashboard.

HostGator or Bluehost: Final outcome

After going through the above points, undoubtedly comparing hostgator and bluehost, and declaring any one as winner is the toughest task over the globe. When you can’t differentiate in terms of quality, price becomes the distinguishing point. On this context, Hostgator offers many discount coupons like hostgator 1 cent coupons which allow you to start your hosting plan for just 1cent for first month. Facts like $100 Adwords credit, or free website transfer make it the attention dragging option.

Bluehost has been one of the nice blogging platforms. But, Hostgator being optimized from WordPress point of view, certainly becomes the first choice for the bloggers especially the beginners. And we know, WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform than anything else.

Bluehost certainly is one of the best platforms in terms of service, and operation. We suggest it is good for the e-commerce site owners those aim basically for the traffic on a rush.

So finally, Hostgator wins the race at a very narrow margin.

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