Bluehost Shared Hosting vs Bluehost VPS hosting

Hosting is one of the crucial aspects in terms of blogging. Bluehost is one of the finest pick as a host, and shared hosting is good choice for the beginners. Through this shared hosting the newbie can smoothly save some bucks, and enjoy the infinite source hosting those are enough for the fundamental needs.

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When to go with Shared options:

This shared option is good for the site owners those don’t deal with higher traffic. In fact, shared hosting is much affordable in comparison with dedicated options. The beginner sites can be dealt through shared option in a sleekest possible way. In this case you can get the job done just with 5$, or somewhere around 10$. In comparison you have to spend at least 20$ for dedicated options. But you can get huge discount if you use Bluehost review and coupon while purchasing online.
It is the mindset with some people that shared hosts affect ranking. But, it is here to mention that this is absolutely not the case. Ranking is independent of hosting type or company.

Shifting for VPS:

However, problem appears when the site grows and you need more space. On these situations, you often look for promoting to VPS hosting. There are many VPS service providers available. One thing is sure that VPS hosting is generally customized for WordPress, and you need enough storage space on this regard. Never make too late to upgrade your shared hosting plan to VPS, or optimizing it through the add-ons, etc.

As we have mentioned, there are many VPS providers available, but here we present the way Bluehost VPS can be beneficial for you in terms of price, features, or performance.

The enriched Bluehost VPS:

Bluehost initiated the VPS during mid June. Apart from KVM, they apply other enhanced cloud technologies for their users.

Bluehost VPS apply enhanced and enriched servers those are made for ensuring the best performance. The company goes through high-end technologies like KVM hypervisor that lets the users take the full out of the all those they have paid for.

Interesting Specs of Bluehost VPS

To start with the Bluehost standard VPS, it demands about $30 per month. The users can have 2 GB space, 30 GB storage options. There it offers the free domain, specialised IP, and much more.

It works in the best way as the process is completely taken care by Bluehost itself, and the same is accountable regarding protection issues as well. Bluehost manage the performance, and open for solving all sorts of queries regarding VPS.

The best part is that the company is providing the package with about half price discount in initial months. In addition, going through the annual plan, the users can have an extra 10 percent discount.

Hence, it becomes much more beneficial.


Finally, going through the Bluehost Shared hosting will keep you in an affordable side in terms of price with the help of Bluehost coupons from Easywaytohosting. But, as you grow through the process you need to get upgraded for VPS. The below explanations prove it pretty much that Bluehost offers one of the most attractive VPS services. Though looking at the initial price with 2 GB it is little more costly than the other platforms. Still, you will repent later if you go with those other options, as no one utilizes such enhanced technologies for its service.

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