Should You Consider Windows Web Hosting?

It’s a common scenario for someone getting confused while thinking of whether to go with which web hosting platform. However, things can be simpler if you consider thinking about each aspect related to the hosting jobs in your way. Here we have discussed about some of the frequent issues those should be considered, to make your job easy.

windows server system

Fix your budget:

On this context, we would certainly love to start with price, as this is an issue for beginners as well as experienced professionals. To be very straight, going with the Windows options will cost you more. But, don’t forget to check various hosting houses as the growing competitions have made them scrapping a bit with their price. However, Windows are always featuring rich and hence costly.


Windows is best if:–

Windows is a much flexible option in comparison. You need to have some technical knowledge to deal with it. If you want to continue with the Windows, or your official system is based on Windows only, then Windows server is best. However, it has great set of facilities like running scripts, designing pages, installing other plug-in, building sites and much more.


In terms of performance –

If you want enhanced performance, then Linux is better option as this is quite simpler. Linux hosting involves user dependent expansion, but Windows offer all in one bundle. However, the beginners might not have the experience to effectively go through it.


Another most important factor to consider is protection. On this matter, Linux deals things in a safer way, and with Windows you have to be enhanced technically. Finally with rigorous tracking tools and IT administration programs Windows can provide a much better level protection.

The native Windows properties:

There are certain aspects those make Windows simply incomparable, and all these are for enhanced web designers, or developers. Microsoft has a couple of scripting languages like Active Server Pages, the ASP, or ASP dot net. When it comes about ASP, the basic application framework for designers for creating pages, Windows is the best.

The application framework offers with many functionality options like links, protection, connectivity, network, development, and many others. If your site, or business involves frequent service for common users, or there is more chances of dealing with audio, or videos, or there are actions involved like group activities, presenting previews, etc. then it can be really handy, and Windows hosting is always recommended undoubtedly.


In web platforms it is obvious to deal with the databases. MSSQL is the relational database platform mostly applied with ASP or Cold Fusion. The Windows program that is native generally made available over a Windows application simply as they can be used in this way only. However, most of the Windows platforms could be applied over Linux through add on or other tools. Anyway, these may not be stout as those present with Windows. The safety issues remain blurry as well.


Before deciding one must take the above aspects like price, features into account. As a tip, we want to say if you wish to go through any Windows own tool as the basic function of your site, then putting whole efforts towards the Windows hosting is always a preferred option. In any other case it is suggested to go with the one having a nice background and price structure.

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