SiteGround vs. GoDaddy

When it comes to a reliable and feature rich website hosting company, both SiteGround and GoDaddy have a lot to offer. The number of plans both companies offer might be few, yet the purpose is duly served to meet the requirements of the website owners.

SiteGround vs. GoDaddy

Starting from least experienced to the highly experienced professionals, anyone would be able to find relevant plans to host their website on both SiteGround and GoDaddy servers.


What makes SiteGround and GoDaddy different from each other? Because if every feature is available on both of these, why would someone opt for either one of these services? Well, of course the web hosting services aren’t exactly mirrored copies, there are competitive features that distinguishes between SiteGround and GoDaddy. There are some remarkable features to be noted. Both hosting servers offer easier manageability through the dedicated cPanel; there are unbarred amount of storage space – the feature list keeps going on forever.

Shared Web Hosting Plans

A web hosting company might offer a handful of services, but to be popular with the entry level consumers in the market what really matters is the availability of shared hosting plans and how easily the newcomers can avail them. In this case, both SiteGround and GoDaddy are friendly enough.

SiteGround: SiteGround has three different shared hosting plans, designed to cater the needs of different group of website owners. StartUp is the kick-off plan which is suitable for hosting only one website. Only 10 GB of HDD space is offered and the bandwidth is allocated for around 10,000 monthly visits. The two other plans are GrowBig and GoGeek, they offer 20 GB and 30 GB of HDD space respectively. You can get 60% discount if you are a new user of SiteGround. I checked that there is discount coupon posted by SelectedHosting Blog – a web hosting review site. GoGeek is suitable for 100,000 monthly visits while GrowBig can only handle as much as 25,000. Both these plans come with multiple domain registration ability, and higher priced premiere features could be availed as add-ons. GrowBig is priced at $7.95/month and GoGeek costs $14.95/month.

GoDaddy: GoDaddy has three plans as well, but their initial kick-start plan is really cheap. It’s called Economy, and on a discount right now the price is only $1.00/month! Under the Economoy plan a website owner would get 1 domain name, 100 GB of storage space and theoretically unlimited bandwidth space. The other two plans are Deluxe and Ultimate, for $5.99/month and $9.99/month respectively. Both offer unlimited domain and bandwidth, however the latter comes with a dedicated SSL server with 1 year validity.

Server Uptime Guarantee

Both companies offer 99.9% guarantee in theories. However, as GoDaddy has more subscribers than SiteGround, naturally the down time of GoDaddy was very slightly higher than SiteGround. If higher uptime is essential, SiteGround should be your pick in this case. Both website hosting services are based on cPanel, thus one can manage every aspect of the website at utmost ease.

Customer Service

Speaking of customer service, both companies offer great deals. 24/7 hotline support is available, and SiteGround offers no waiting time service where a customer don’t have to wait in the phone for minutes to reach a human representative. GoDaddy has the same approach as well, however the waiting time is slightly higher for attending a phone call. On overall assessment, both these companies deserve an appreciation for their devoted customer service.


If the pricing of either of these website hosting seems high, one could avail discount coupons from affiliate websites and make the discount even bigger.

The Truth behind Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth Hosting

If you’re searching for cheaper yet feature-enriched web hosting solutions, then you’ve probably land upon the term called “unlimited” in the basis of unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited MySQL database. Well, many companies including HostGator, Bluehost and WP Engine Hosting do offer that but what actually are you getting if you consider their services? This offer is really popular among the shared web hosting providers. However, today, we’ll discuss the real secret behind this unlimited formula and exploit the things that often the web hosting providers actually hide from the users.

unlimited hosting

In this way, you will get an in-depth look of the details of unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

What Users Really Mean by Unlimited

When any beginner sees the feature of unlimited disk space, he’d probably think he can store all of his files and folders onto the web hosting service. But, actually is it really possible to store unlimited data? No web hosting can provide unlimited bandwidth since the CPU resources like hard drives, RAM and processor all are limited. Even the super computers have their limits. So, that means the web hosting companies can’t offer you unlimited hosting services.

Plus, the web hosting companies need to make profits. How you think they will sell you off all their unlimited resources with $29 a month with 10GB storage. If you use coupons for wpengine hosting then you will save huge money while buying it. Well, the users need to change their views on the word “unlimited”. But, before you take charge against those companies that offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, let’s discuss about the web hosting companies’ overview.

The Actual Meaning of Unlimited through the Providers’ Eyes

Many popular web hosting companies like HostGator offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth to their shared hosting users, and, they are doing a pretty cool job at it because they don’t have any complaints from the customers. But, many non-reputed web hosting providers don’t offer the kind of services that the users look for which is why the users lose their trust on them.

Generally, the large web hosting companies own a big chunk of computers servers, manpower and bandwidth pipes etc. All of these services cannot be exceeded by a single user aka one website. So, they can offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space and it can be used by one user. However, the things that you can store on the so called unlimited space are decided by the web host. The rules are set by the web host so that you cannot exceed their limits.

Many companies who doesn’t offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, offer their unused space to more customers and this process is known as over selling.

Should you Consider it?

Well, it’s hard to answer since you’ve to decide whether or not you want it or not. But, remember to rule out the web hosting providers who doesn’t have a good reputation. If you’re uncertain, you can purchase any one of the web hosting services on trial-basis and later on you can test whether or not it’s up to your requirement. Read web hosting reviews on WebHostingFind Blog and then decide yourself.

2 Best Web Hosting Services that You Should Look

Prior starting anything over the web you have to think of the hosting. This is the first step on your quest. Starting from traffic, SEO, to technical issues, a good host has a huge role to play. At the contemporary situation, basically two options appear in picture in terms of hosting, and everyone knows they are Bluehost and Hostgator. To pick any one of the two, let’s take a dig at the highlighting parts of both and then decide.

web hosting image


Hostgator has been one of the much preferred hosting options. It’s a fact that the plans of the host have been different for different plans. Still, in each package you can have all the fundamental and useful features. Hostgator it is quite certain to have 99.9% up time. It means you can make sure not even a single traffic gets missed for you. You can tag the term infinite definitely with mails, and bandwidth. Customer satisfaction has been the key for any business, and Hostgator provides 24 x 7 x 365 ensured service for its users. No matter you go with the phone calls, mails, chats, or knowledge base, satisfaction is obvious. In addition, it doesn’t demand you any charge for host transferring works. In fact, you can get $100 Adwords credit through the host.

Hostgator involves the best cPanel, which is the most favourite over the globe. The best part above all is that it you can have your money returned within just 45 days, and there is no secret clause. You will get 75% off on HostGgator black Friday sale so be tuned.


Bluehost is certainly another front liner in terms of hosting works. Apart from the conventional promises Bluehost does some unique as well. The host lets security for the snaps that you put over the web. Building site is damn easy here; you just need to follow the free Drag and Drop methods. With Bluehost you can get the best assist for global domain names. However, it costs $99.99 for site immigration.

Bluehost is having the top reputation regarding up-time. Some say 99.99%, but it won’t be unfair to claim 100 percent being a big fan of it. It has been one of the top choices for the beginners as well. They have the sleekest control panel. In fact the cPanel has been revamped this time and made one of the blogging friendly options.

You can deal with the whole job like domain management, setting works, customization, and file management, straight through a simple dashboard.

HostGator or Bluehost: Final outcome

After going through the above points, undoubtedly comparing hostgator and bluehost, and declaring any one as winner is the toughest task over the globe. When you can’t differentiate in terms of quality, price becomes the distinguishing point. On this context, Hostgator offers many discount coupons like hostgator 1 cent coupons which allow you to start your hosting plan for just 1cent for first month. Facts like $100 Adwords credit, or free website transfer make it the attention dragging option.

Bluehost has been one of the nice blogging platforms. But, Hostgator being optimized from WordPress point of view, certainly becomes the first choice for the bloggers especially the beginners. And we know, WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform than anything else.

Bluehost certainly is one of the best platforms in terms of service, and operation. We suggest it is good for the e-commerce site owners those aim basically for the traffic on a rush.

So finally, Hostgator wins the race at a very narrow margin.

Bluehost Shared Hosting vs Bluehost VPS hosting

Hosting is one of the crucial aspects in terms of blogging. Bluehost is one of the finest pick as a host, and shared hosting is good choice for the beginners. Through this shared hosting the newbie can smoothly save some bucks, and enjoy the infinite source hosting those are enough for the fundamental needs.

bluehost coupon

When to go with Shared options:

This shared option is good for the site owners those don’t deal with higher traffic. In fact, shared hosting is much affordable in comparison with dedicated options. The beginner sites can be dealt through shared option in a sleekest possible way. In this case you can get the job done just with 5$, or somewhere around 10$. In comparison you have to spend at least 20$ for dedicated options. But you can get huge discount if you use Bluehost review and coupon while purchasing online.
It is the mindset with some people that shared hosts affect ranking. But, it is here to mention that this is absolutely not the case. Ranking is independent of hosting type or company.

Shifting for VPS:

However, problem appears when the site grows and you need more space. On these situations, you often look for promoting to VPS hosting. There are many VPS service providers available. One thing is sure that VPS hosting is generally customized for WordPress, and you need enough storage space on this regard. Never make too late to upgrade your shared hosting plan to VPS, or optimizing it through the add-ons, etc.

As we have mentioned, there are many VPS providers available, but here we present the way Bluehost VPS can be beneficial for you in terms of price, features, or performance.

The enriched Bluehost VPS:

Bluehost initiated the VPS during mid June. Apart from KVM, they apply other enhanced cloud technologies for their users.

Bluehost VPS apply enhanced and enriched servers those are made for ensuring the best performance. The company goes through high-end technologies like KVM hypervisor that lets the users take the full out of the all those they have paid for.

Interesting Specs of Bluehost VPS

To start with the Bluehost standard VPS, it demands about $30 per month. The users can have 2 GB space, 30 GB storage options. There it offers the free domain, specialised IP, and much more.

It works in the best way as the process is completely taken care by Bluehost itself, and the same is accountable regarding protection issues as well. Bluehost manage the performance, and open for solving all sorts of queries regarding VPS.

The best part is that the company is providing the package with about half price discount in initial months. In addition, going through the annual plan, the users can have an extra 10 percent discount.

Hence, it becomes much more beneficial.


Finally, going through the Bluehost Shared hosting will keep you in an affordable side in terms of price with the help of Bluehost coupons from Easywaytohosting. But, as you grow through the process you need to get upgraded for VPS. The below explanations prove it pretty much that Bluehost offers one of the most attractive VPS services. Though looking at the initial price with 2 GB it is little more costly than the other platforms. Still, you will repent later if you go with those other options, as no one utilizes such enhanced technologies for its service.

Should You Consider Windows Web Hosting?

It’s a common scenario for someone getting confused while thinking of whether to go with which web hosting platform. However, things can be simpler if you consider thinking about each aspect related to the hosting jobs in your way. Here we have discussed about some of the frequent issues those should be considered, to make your job easy.

windows server system

Fix your budget:

On this context, we would certainly love to start with price, as this is an issue for beginners as well as experienced professionals. To be very straight, going with the Windows options will cost you more. But, don’t forget to check various hosting houses as the growing competitions have made them scrapping a bit with their price. However, Windows are always featuring rich and hence costly.


Windows is best if:–

Windows is a much flexible option in comparison. You need to have some technical knowledge to deal with it. If you want to continue with the Windows, or your official system is based on Windows only, then Windows server is best. However, it has great set of facilities like running scripts, designing pages, installing other plug-in, building sites and much more.


In terms of performance –

If you want enhanced performance, then Linux is better option as this is quite simpler. Linux hosting involves user dependent expansion, but Windows offer all in one bundle. However, the beginners might not have the experience to effectively go through it.


Another most important factor to consider is protection. On this matter, Linux deals things in a safer way, and with Windows you have to be enhanced technically. Finally with rigorous tracking tools and IT administration programs Windows can provide a much better level protection.

The native Windows properties:

There are certain aspects those make Windows simply incomparable, and all these are for enhanced web designers, or developers. Microsoft has a couple of scripting languages like Active Server Pages, the ASP, or ASP dot net. When it comes about ASP, the basic application framework for designers for creating pages, Windows is the best.

The application framework offers with many functionality options like links, protection, connectivity, network, development, and many others. If your site, or business involves frequent service for common users, or there is more chances of dealing with audio, or videos, or there are actions involved like group activities, presenting previews, etc. then it can be really handy, and Windows hosting is always recommended undoubtedly.


In web platforms it is obvious to deal with the databases. MSSQL is the relational database platform mostly applied with ASP or Cold Fusion. The Windows program that is native generally made available over a Windows application simply as they can be used in this way only. However, most of the Windows platforms could be applied over Linux through add on or other tools. Anyway, these may not be stout as those present with Windows. The safety issues remain blurry as well.


Before deciding one must take the above aspects like price, features into account. As a tip, we want to say if you wish to go through any Windows own tool as the basic function of your site, then putting whole efforts towards the Windows hosting is always a preferred option. In any other case it is suggested to go with the one having a nice background and price structure.